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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations

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Term Definition
The first of the operational German weapons of reprisal or "Vergeltungswaffen" - the V-1 was a pilotless flying bomb powered by a pulse-jet engine and carried a 850kg (1875lb) high-explosive warhead, and had a range of up to 200km
Also known as the A4, the successor to the V-1 was a long range rocket powered by liquid oxygen and alcohol, it had a 975kg (2150lb) high-explosive warhead and a range of 320km
Long-range smooth-bore gun designed to fire shells with up to 10kg (22lb) high-explosive warhead and a range of 93km - never very successful as most installations were destroyed by bombing before they could be used
V-E Day
Victory in Europe Day - 8th May 1945
V-J Day
Victory over Japan Day - 15th August 1945
Operational code name for the Schwarze Kapelle plot to overthrow the Hitler regime - July 1944
Operational code name for the Allied crossing of the Rhine using airborne troops - March 1945
Vichy France
French regime set up in collaboration with the Germans following the fall of France in 1940 - headed by Marshal Petain and based in the city of Vichy it governed the southern half of France until its dissolution in 1944
The German Home Guard
Operational code name for the Allied offensive in Tunisia - May 1943
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (USA)
Women's Auxiliary Air Force (British)
Waffen SS
The branch of the SS which formed military fighting divisions
The German armed forces - headed by the OKW
"River Exercise" - Operational code name for the German invasion of Denmark and Norway - April 1940
Also known as Chaff - metallic foil strips dropped from bombers to give the appearance to German radar of mass formations of aircraft
"Winter Storm" - Operational code name for the unsuccessful German attempt to relieve the 6th Army at Stalingrad - December 1942
"Wolf's Lair" - code name for Hitler's headquarters near Rastenburg in East-Prussia
War Plans Department (US)
Women's Royal Naval Service (British)
Women's Voluntary Service (British)
A type of midget submarine
German bomber radio-navigational equipment
British intelligence organisation used to feed false information to Germany e.g by the use of double-agents
British signals staff responsible for the interception of enemy radio and telephone messages
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